A Friend In Need

In my life I was late to begin college. It was through my education that I met my dear friend, R. He was always there for me through the years. We have been close friends for half a decade (a bit more). In that time he has been a wonderful friend to me. Always supportive, kind and caring.

We have a mutual love of animals, books and other important things in our lives. R is a fantastic storyteller. Time with him never feels like enough. You just get to sucked in to his stories and the time together.

There are people who come into your life and change it forever. R is one of those people for me. My life is so much more rich and vibrant because he is in my life. That is why I would like to attempt to appeal to your generous spirits and ask you for your help.

R has always had a hard life. That had a traumatic impact on him and helped him to make some very poor choices. The kind of choices that haunt your soul, require a punishment that can feel cruel and stay with you forever. After paying his dues and suffering for his poor choices he worked hard to get his degree.

Only R did not only get one degree. He got several including his Masters. I am beyond proud of how hard he has worked to turn his life around. This man is a brilliant, caring and special man.

He needs a hand up... so please consider donating to his Go Fund Me Campaign. I will link it before. If you can't donate please send it around to your friends and family. It would mean so much to myself and R.

Thank you for your kindness!

With Love,


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