August Has Come...

This weekend was really fun! I had planned to go and see someone special to me to belatedly celebrate their birthday. It was really nice. I had not expected to step outside of my comfort zone.

At the same time I had the -best- time! It was really nice to try new things and see new sights. I really love exploring no matter what that ends up meaning. I love seeing nature, beauty, learning about history or just sharing it all with loved ones.

This week I am out of town. There are some family obligations that I need to attend to. I am kind of excited for it though. It is nice to read more, relax more and maybe cheat on my regular diet! That will make my return to normal life that much more special. ;)

I will be getting some work happening this week as well. I will be writing and working on my creative side! I am so excited to get back to my writing. What are you all doing this week?

With Love,


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