Author Spotlight: Lisa Renee Jones!

It has been a decade since I picked up the first Lisa Renee Jones book that I'd ever read. At the time I was unsure how I felt about the book. I read it and put it aside from my mind. A few years later I discovered another series of hers.

I instantly fell in love with her books at that time. I had a voracious need to consume all of her writing that I could get my hands on. My Kindle account became filled with her books. Series after series. Then this past Christmas I began collecting the paperback versions of her books.

The thing that has shocked me is the fact that I have come full circle. I've begun reading that first book that I read all those years ago. My reaction to it is completely different. I have fallen in love with the story, the characters and the wonderful mystery within the pages.

Lisa Renee Jones writes books that appeal to your intelligence, your romantic heart and the need to be entertained with twists and turns. I consider a lot of her work to masterpieces. That is not to say that I love -every- book and story. There are some that are not my cup of tea. At the same time even the books that are not in my taste are very well written.

My favorite series that she has ever written is the The Secret Life of Amy Benson series. It is so well written, thrilling and has vibrant characters. I really love many of her book series including her latest series The Necklace Trilogy.

The Necklace Trilogy is entertaining, has interesting characters and is written in such a way that you are glued to the pages. I literally sat and read them all in one sitting. I can not speak more highly of her work.

It is my honor to recommend her books to strangers, friends and family. The thing that sets her apart from other authors is her sparkling personality and how it compliments her work. When you read a Lisa Renee Jones book you feel like you are making new friends and going on thrilling adventures.

With Love,


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