Author Spotlight: Mia Knight

It was in the wee hours of the morning on a weekday. There was nothing remarkable about the day. It was just another night dealing with insomnia and wanting something to read. I went to Amazon and searched for "Romance", "Erotic Romance", "Contemporary Romance" and "Dark Romance".

In the end I found a book series by author Mia Knight. The series in question was the "Crime Lord Series." I really loved the series from the start. The characters are rich and realistic. The story is both dark and vibrant.

I will be totally honest and say that Carmen was my favorite character from the start. Even when it was not "her story" she stood out to me. I have been very eagerly awaiting the next installment of her story.

Ever since the first night I started to read her work I have been a fan of Mia Knight. Her second series is just as amazing as the "Crime Lord Series". I was a part of her Discord Server for a while and her community is beautiful. They are all smart, kind and special people. That says a lot as to Mia's connection with her readers.

The best part of knowing Mia Knight is that she cares about the work. She literally takes her time to make her work the best it can be. The money is not the focus for her the work is. And after the work her first priority is her community. She cares about her readers.

Mia Knight is my favorite author in the romance genre. Ever. And that is saying a lot considering I love the genre and have read hundreds of authors.

Do you like Mia Knight? If so what is your favorite part of her writing style? What if the book of hers that you like best?

With Love,


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