Book Highlight: Inside Out Series

The first time that I picked up "If I were you" was several years ago. I was in a reading funk and picky about the content I was consuming. At that time I had only been reading historical novels and very few contemporary novels.

At the time I liked the story but never fell in love with it. That meant I read two and a half books and gave up! As a woman of ever advancing years I have given the series a second chance. The entire series has taken on a brand new life to me!

The story has not only kept my attention and also thrilled me along the way. I've fallen in love with Sara, Rebecca, Chris and most of all Mark. There is something haunted that draws me toward Mark. I really love later in the series when he gets his very own special person and is able to heal.

In my mind this story is about a variety of things. Mystery, romance, regret, pain, mistakes and healing. There is glitz, glamor and art along the way. This entire series is written very well and is beyond entertaining.

I've loved Sara and Chris' story but I am more drawn to Mark for some reason. I think I saw something special in him. Nobody else seemed to see it. Except Rebecca and later on Crystal. I really enjoy him.

Have you read the series? If so, let me know what you thought and who is your favorite character?

With Love,


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