Book Highlight: The Crime Lord Series

It is not a secret that I am a big fan of Mia Knight's writing. I own literally all of the books she has written under this pen name and one from another pen name of hers. I was once a part of her Discord Server and before someone ruined it (drama sucks!) I was one of her patrons.

The series that helped me to fall in love with her work was the "Crime Lord Series". I discovered that my favorite character in the series is Carmen. She is everything that I wish that I could be when I "grow up".

The first books in the series are filled with passion, adventure and an intense darkness that sets the tone for the series. There is so much to admire about the way that Gavin feels for the love of his life. There is a lot of things to really adore about him. And maybe some things that are a bit too much for some.

The lines between love, obsession and need all twine together in the love stories told in the series. There are erotic moments that stay with you long after the scenes. And there is so much action in every sense of the word to make you crave more.

I display this series proudly on my book shelf! It was the first series to be showcased. I would suggest this series for someone who likes dark romance with very erotic scenes.

With Love,


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