Book Highlight: The Necklace Trilogy

Imagine a woman seated at her computer desk writing a romance novel. The scene is not coming together as she wants. Taking a deep breath she decides to take a break and check her twitter. (Yes, some of us old ladies still use and adore Twitter) On her feed is an announcement that one of her favorite authors was releasing a new series.

The announcement caused her to literally "squee" with glee and race to amazon to put in the pre-order. Then she felt both happy and inspired and went back to writing her novel. The work went a lot easier and better for the rest of the day.

Fast forward a while later and the first book is officially released! The woman is now seated on the spare bed in my her mother's home. The day had been tough and she was trying to keep herself together emotionally. Then the notice comes in that the book is waiting on her Kindle!

That began her mad dash to download it and start reading! The urge to read the entire book in one sitting was real. And so the woman began to read voraciously. The woman sat down and read the book until it was finished. She -loved- the book very much.

However, since she read it in one sitting she was now left feeling a little sad. There was nothing left to read and there were so many questions! But, she had some time to wait until the second book would be released.

The time passed and the second book was released. The same reading process happened and she completed the second book. The final book would come after a holiday and the woman was mixed in what she was more excited for. Was she more excited for the holiday or the last book in the trilogy!

The holidays went by and the woman had a fantastic time with friends and family. Life went forward and then the notification came in that book three was in her Kindle Library! It was amazing and she raced to read the book.

In all honesty she dropped everything was doing in order to read the last installment. The book was so worth the wait! The entire series was fire but the third book was her favorite. There were answers to her questions, a conclusion that worked for her and so on!

The woman in the story is me... and every word is true. This series is worth the read and I would re-read it anytime. I am obsessed with Lisa Renee Jones' books. This series was one of the very best ones. It is literally on my book shelf behind me and on my Kindle. My goal is to have the new cover version of the series on my bookshelf.

Until next time...

With Love,


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