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As I mentioned in the last blog... I have been working on a business plan. There is no right or wrong way to be an author. Some people are traditionally published and that works well for them. Other people decide to write and publish themselves but do not look to make it a career. I'm more ambitious in the sense I want to build a writing career and have a successful business.

I have spent the last few years getting to know authors. I have done a great deal of research as well. In that time I have learned a lot about traditional publishing and self-publishing. I have seen different business models and what has worked and failed for other people. I have then sat down and looked at what would work for me.

It is clear that nobody can 100% know what works for them until they try new things. But, you can decide on a path and move forward. Then acclimate as needed moving forward. That is what I plan to do.

Taking all of the data that I have researched and my own personal plans I began writing a business plan. I made sure to hit on some key points. I then took the plan to someone who is in my view smarter than myself. I asked him what he thought of my plan and he gave me some constructive feedback. I took three pages worth of notes.

This week my goal is to make the changes suggested to my already existing business plan. This means a lot of math and tables. It also means some better word choices and less personal feeling. It means making my business plan polished and professional. I am really excited for this part of the process.

I have always been intimidated by numbers and proposals. It has always felt overwhelming for me because I'm not the best at math. (Thank goodness for calculators!) However, after the long conversation about my business plan and the notes to improve...I feel confident!

There is a straight path forward and that gets me even closer to my objective! I am on the right track and the people in my life are not only supportive but they really -believe- in me and in my business. I have endless support and encouragement. That is helping me to become the bad ass boss lady I was meant to be. ;)

Have you had a similar experience with business plans? Tell me about your experiences. I would love to see how it is for other people too!

With Love,


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