Business Life: Timelines

I've had the privilege of learning about business over the last six months. I have been studying, listening to other's experiences, researching my industry and more. It has been encouraging, discouraging, hard, exciting, happy and so much more.

The bulk of my pre-business experience has been all about crunching numbers. I've really been pulling back the curtain and learning all about the nuts and bolts of the business. The next phase of my business experience is deciding the timeline for moving forward.

The struggle this week is deciding when to start my processes. I've literally started to create charts and diagrams. I have data on how long each steps will take. I have been compiling a list of the order in which each step needs to happen for the best outcome. I have made phone calls, done research and compiled lists. My entire desk is a warzone.

I secretly have loved every single moment. There is a need inside of me to move quickly and get things moving. But, I am holding myself back. The reason for that is because I know it is best to wait and be as prepared as possible. Also, it is best to have a timeline that best suits your business. The goal when starting a new business is to make it magic! It is to create something solid, stable and sustainable. That takes careful planning.

My path to my business is not going to look like someone else's. There will be key similarities but it will also be uniquely my own. I am ready for that and all of the challenges/excitements that come with it.

My business will not be started tomorrow, next week, next month and perhaps not even until next year! But, that is because it is going to start off with me hitting the ground running. It will be done the "right away" that sets it up for success.

Has anyone else had to make these kinds of choices when starting their business? What was it like for you?

With Love,


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