This blog has become one of my favorite parts of my week. I look forward to writing here and sharing thoughts, feelings and concepts with you. I have decided that my blog has become a little too broad over time.

In the last few weeks I noticed that it become disorganized. I've always enjoyed a variety of topics but that doesn't mean I need to share such a broad spectrum of topics. So, I ask you what you would like to see here. Feel free to suggest topics you would like me to cover. It could be anything from a Q&A post, things related to being an avid reader, bookish things in general, being a writer and so on.

I know this is not a typical post from me. But, I really want to make some changes to make this blog more cohesive. It means a lot to me that you enjoy your experience here and that both you and I feel content with the topics here.

I look forward to many more posts in the future!

With Love,


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