Film/TV: A Discovery Of Witches

There is not a single soul in my life who has not heard me praise Deborah Harkness. There is not a person in my life who has not heard me praise the "All Souls Trilogy". I have the audio books, e-books, the paperbacks and the hardcovers. I have read all three books several times.

The thought of the series going to television made me afraid. It was hard to imagine the books coming alive in any other way than the vision they had become in my mind. I was afraid to be disappointed.

Then they released the first series and I felt electricity! It was so real to me. It was alive in ways I couldn't even have imagined. This show has taken our beloved family created in our imaginations and set them free.

The soundtrack to the series is perfect. The actors have done more than I ever dreamed they would. Each episode from the very first until the very last made me happy. Even if it was a sad or intense episode and I was crying.

It made me happy to see it come to life. This is a good and solid series that I believe is intelligent, witty and clever in unexpected ways. I believe that there really is something for everyone.

Until my dying day this will be my favorite book series. And I will never stop telling people to both read and watch this story unfold. I am happy that I have gotten others hooked on this show and proud to be someone who has watched from the start.

I have been here from the start. I will be here beyond the end. I've recently discovered that my ancestor lived and died in the same place as Bridget Bishop. I've never been so proud in my life for this honor. This is a special book series, a special community and a special television series.

With Love,


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