Film/TV: Ghost Adventures

Earlier this year someone special to me and I decided to watch Ghost Adventures from the first episode forward. It was my first time ever seeing the show. A few things stood out for me in those first few seasons.

I really enjoyed the fact that they approached things with both science and an open mind. I liked the fact that the show was simple. A team and their cameras doing all of their work bare bones.

The dynamics between the team was really fun and relatable in the first few seasons. I am a little biased because I feel those were the -best- seasons for the most part. The fact it was so simple and they followed an unique formula really worked for me. It was not sensationalized.

As the seasons went on it felt like it was becoming more commercial. There was less of an authentic vibe. At the same time there were other collaborations and more fun scientific equipment as the seasons went on. I think one of my favorite episodes is the one where we meet the man who created the MelMeter. I really loved learning his story and seeing a different side of the show.

At the same time I am still watching. At the moment this blog is being written I am on the first season after Nick left. It feels different but not terrible. I am still watching but it does feel really cheesy and commercial at some points.

What do you think of the show? Do you believe in spirits?

With Love,


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