Happy 4th of July!

I was born in the United States. I was born in the great state of New York and am now a resident of Wisconsin. I am proud to the places I have come from and the ways in which they have shaped me.

I believe in the right to thrive in the ways that work best for you as a person. I accept people for who they are with no desire to change them. I believe in your right to make medical choices for yourself. I am not a puppet for a political agenda and I am not a follower in the sense that I blindly go where someone leads.

I've always craved my own path. And so on this day of celebration I celebrate my right to all of the things I have listed above. I celebrate my freedoms that come on the backs of those who have sacrificed, lost their lives or started fighting long before me and those who will do the same long after me.

I believe in this country even when it is wrong. I believe we can be better and treat each other better. I believe in our potential. I believe in hope.

Have a safe, happy and peaceful holiday!

With Love,


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