Health: My Heart

In 1989, at the tender age of five I lost my grandfather. He was ice fishing when he collapsed. It took some time to get an ambulance to where he fell. The doctors had no idea what was happening to him.

He died within a couple of days. Upon autopsy they discovered her had a dissecting aorta. It has since been discovered that my father and I both have a mild dilation of our ascending aorta. The same condition that my Pop Pop had but did not know about until it was too late.

Every couple of years I go to the specialist to have my heart check. They say if my wall changes then we have to worry. If it stays the same we are good until the next check. It is mostly a benign condition that does not give me a lot of trouble.

Does anyone else have this condition? Do you know anyone who has it? Tell me about your experiences.

With Love,


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