Learning: Writing Mastery Course

There is a course through Writing Mastery taught by Bethany Atazadeh. The course focuses on all of the aspects of Self-Publishing. It is really detailed and helps you to understand each step in the self-publishing process.

I am currently a student taking the course and I admit I have not yet completed it. I have been studying every other day for the last several months. (There have been some exceptions due to a family situation) I have found the information from this course to be smart, clever and so informative!

The course discusses everything from the pros and cons of self-publishing to knowing your genre all the way to formatting for your book and beyond. This course has become so helpful to me in learning the business of self-publishing and becoming a more prepared writer.

I would suggest this course to anyone who has a passion for writing and wants to take it to the next level without the confines of traditional publishing. Also, if you require or desire additional information the Writing Mastery website also offers other valuable courses on writing itself and beyond.

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