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Productivity means a lot to me personally and professionally. I work very hard to find the balance between productivity and keeping myself healthy in all aspects. That is sometime easier said that done. But, the thing I have come to appreciate is that you always have a chance to do better next time.

There are several things that I do in order to remain productive. I'm a big fan of keeping an agenda with my schedule. This way I am always aware when something needs to be done and where I need to be. This helps most with medical appointments or other appointments that I have coming up.

I'm also one of those women who feel that they work best with a "to do list". I have one that is updated daily. I make sure to be reasonable considering the amount of time I have to spend on productivity. Then I fill in those spaces accordingly.

There is a special feeling when you can check something off your to-do list. The more checks the more accomplished you feel. It can even shock you as you realize just how much you've done in a day!

I have come to feel that I function best with the structure. I also enjoy keeping myself busy during the day. Is this something that you also do? If so how did you get started?

I've been working hard on several things at once lately. There are two personal things that are huge steps forward. And professionally I am learning and working on my book series. It is good to keep my focus and get my books ready for publication.

My desk is filled with notes, notebooks, agendas, cell and computer. I am always writing something. A note, an idea, information about publishing, something to add to my book series, ideas for publishing my book series, ideas for my launches, future projects... so much. Pens and papers scatter everywhere.

Are you productive? How do you stay productive?

With Love,


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