Medical Merry Go 'Round

The morning that I was born I started my life with the umbilical cord rapped around my neck. As a child we spent a lot of time at my doctor or at the hospital. I was the only child in my school/family who always met her deductible.

There were injures and a lot of bronchial issues. As I aged some things remained. Extreme hives in the bitter cold/intense heat. Breathing issues and being vulnerable to illnesses related to those issues.

As a teenager I started to have more adult and woman issues with my body. As I entered into my twenties I had some more issues to cope with. A lot happened during this period and I ended up having issues best controlled with either surgery or medication.

I have been diagnosed with a mild case of scoliosis and a mild ascending aorta. The pain in my lower back is only really bad when I stand for a long time or do a lot of extra activity. I have learned to cope with the pain and refuse to let it slow me down. Every couple of years I have a test to be sure that my condition has not progressed with my heart.

The roller coaster has not stopped. I have always been blessed to have wonderful doctors. It has really great the last few years. I live in a bigger city and the healthcare is amazing. I'm not afraid of the unknown medically anymore. I know no matter what happens I have wonderful and talented medical care available to me.

At this point my medical team and I have come up with workable plans that are helping me become a better version of myself. Some people were concerned by my sharing these things with the internet. The thing about it is that I am not ashamed of my medical conditions or the work I have done/will do to fix them. I am proud of myself and my medical team for working on my health.

-toasts to a happy and healthy year-

With Love,


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