It can be really hard to stay motivated in anything that we are doing. Even the things we feel the most passionate about. This is something I think is pretty universal.

I have been struggling to keep my motivation. I'm a list maker and even with a list of daily goals I've been struggling. A part of it is due to a mild depression and part of it stems from my being too inside my head.

It is easy for me to feel overwhelmed when I have a large list. It makes me scramble trying to get things done and not taking the time to focus on the first task completely. I get so wrapped up in the list as a group.

There are some ways in which I do to help myself garner the motivation that I need. I start by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. Then I choose one task from my list and imagine what it will be like once it is complete. It makes me excited to reach that point and I dive into that task with my all.

This process is repeated until the list is finished or my time runs out. If my time runs out then I simply move what is left to my list for the next day. I do not make myself feel bad if I did not complete everything for the day. Why? Because I gave 100% to the things I completed and those other tasks left over deserve the same from me.

That is not to say that I fail deadlines. I am able to prioritize my tasks in such a way that time sensitive things are handled long before they are due. It is a balance that only you can decide for yourself. There are times when finding that balance can be harder than others.

It has always helped me to know that I am not alone. There are other people who deal with these concepts and issues too. There are other people who are dealing with a lack of motivation and searching for solutions.

This post was supposed to be written already. I put it off to handle something unexpected that was time sensitive. I do not feel like that was the wrong choice. I believe it was right for my life. In the end this post will be better because I have the time today to devote to it.

Do you have a hard time keeping your motivation? What do you to help you find your motivation? I would love to know!

With Love,


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