My Dream of Motorcycles

In my late twenties I began reading contemporary and erotic novels voraciously. I was ravenous for anything with sizzle. I came across some very badly put together books and well polished books. It was through this experience that I realized women enjoyed books about all kinds of men and lifestyles.

It the first time I realized that some women considered motorcycles and the men who rode them to be sexy. It was as if that was a genre in itself and a fetish as well! I was shocked.

I had always loved the way motorcycles looked. I have always had a secret desire to ride one myself someday. (Both on the back of someone else's bike and on my own) In all of that time I had these desires I never wanted to become intimate with someone simply because they ride a motorcycle.

I suppose for me it is more about the man himself. It could be a man in a uniform, a man in a business suit, a man on a motorcycle or a mountain man. That does not matter to me. It is about the person themselves and how they handle themselves that sparks my interest. (I will spare you the rest of my personal preferences)

The reason that motorcycles appeal to me is the idea of feeling the wind, feeling the steel under me and the freedom that they offer. What about you? Do you love motorcycles? If so, why?

With Love,


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