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I was watching an original production from PassionFlix one afternoon. (Yes, I am a subscriber. I have no embarrassment from that fact.) I had never seen the "Drive" series previously. The chemistry between the actors in season one was off the charts. Even when the story line or the words they spoke would sometimes make me roll my eyes.

It was during a break from watching "Drive" that a scene came into my mind. It was a man and a woman who were drawn to each other. They collide at a society event for charity and fireworks spark. At the same time they clash with each other in some ways that make it a confusing exchange.

The best part of the interaction was when she allows herself to be honest and it stuns him. He is not used to a woman being so blunt with him. It is not often that a woman speaks up against him or points out his flaws. She makes me think about certain things he had never considered before.

My fingers glided over the keys and I wrote the entire scene in a short time. Then I stepped away to work on the second book in my "New York Family" series. I was editing/re-writing it to clear my head and get it done. (Yes, I know. I need to have it professionally edited before publication!)

Then I was watching SVU (I'm a little obsessed with the show right now. I am watching it from the start. I am on season four currently) and some key scenes from the start of the book hit me! No relation at all to the story I was watching. I took my time and wrote out scene after scene.

The most personal parts of the story are the names. I have chosen all of the names in my book from relatives on my family tree through out time. It has been really nice having something so personal and something so creative collide.

I am really excited to see this project move forward. It does have a title and I will be working on it in stages. I am writing while getting my series ready for publication. It is not a traditional process but it is working for me right now. This book is a slow burn write that is coming in stages.

That is working well to enable me the space to get my series ready. Then I will be able to publish it in a timely manner and jump start my writing career. I have high hopes for all of my books. I can't wait to be able to share them with you.

If you are a writer... what are you working on? :)

With Love,


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