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At the start of 2022, I decided to start an account. I really wanted to look into my family history and see what stories were factual and which stories were embellished or false over the generations.

I have found so many exciting and thrilling things that nobody ever knew or talked about! There have been a lot more people from locations unexpected given the previous data obtained. There are many more people from Germany and the surrounding areas on several sides of my family tree. Also, as expected there are many people from England.

The story that I have been most interested in was about an ancestor from Salem. He was accused of being a "Warlock" and was actually convicted at the same time as Bridgette Bishop. His story is interesting because he refused to acknowledge the accusations. He would not go on record confirming or denying that he was indeed guilty or not of witchcraft. As a result, they put him in a pit and each day would add a boulder to his chest. They would ask him each day if he would admit guilt. He refused. They did this until he died.

These kinds of stories and connections are so cool to learn about. It can be a challenge as there are also some dead ends. I am going to do the DNA testing to see if that opens up some more doors on side of my family that came from Greece. It is my hope that I can garner some more information about them and about any relatives who may still live in Greece.

The experience that I have had with this website has been amazing! I love history and it makes me feel so connected to my distant relatives and ancestors even more by hearing their stories. I have connected with both of my parents over this. It has been so nice to share new information and have in-depth conversations about our shared past.

I can not suggest this website enough to anyone who loves learning about their family and history!

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