Personal Life: Adventures

This weekend was filled with adventures. Friday was a fun evening that ended with ice cream. I had a banana split. It was delicious but very messy.

The best part of the adventure happened on Saturday! I was able to explore the lovely state that I live in. It began with a drive up North. Then I started the fun times at a lovely shop called the Kristmas Kringle. It is an amazing Christmas store that is open seven days a week year round. It is one of my favorite places!

I may have some home with some beautiful things for my Christmas tree. I am known to my loved ones as "Carrie Christmas" so that would make sense. ;) Then it was a nice drive toward the best lunch location.

There is this lovely place where the waitresses wear skirts and tees. They come to your car on roller skates. They have homemade root beer and the -best- burger, fries and onion rings ever! They also have malts, shakes and ice cream.

After that I went to some shops that I enjoy. I was able to purchase Christmas gifts for loved ones. There were so many great things to see and pick up! I even got some fun things to help me enjoy the experience and the day.

There were lovely people to meet and catch up with. At the end of the day my favorite moments were sitting on a bench just enjoying the day, the breeze and the special memories.

The best memories happen when you least expect it. The day came to an end with pizza and curling up in bed. I fell asleep straight away. It was a really nice and long rest.

Sunday was more relaxed but still really fun. I was able to have some little adventures and relax at the same time. I started to feel slightly unwell toward the end of the day. I have been taking it easy even since.

I'm technically taking the day off today. However, I wanted to share my experiences and write anyway. So, Happy Labor Day Americans! And Happy Monday to everyone else. ^_^

With Love,


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