Personal Life: Convention with Friends!

This past weekend I went to a brand new convention in my city! It was organized by some people who mean a lot to me in my life. I was able to help with some aspects of the convention and help to set up.

The first day was a complete and total blast! I was thrilled to help set up the tables, the sign in table, designing the sign for the convention and prizes. It made me feel like a hostess. I told everyone that this was my job from this moment forward! ;)

I only played one game. I was thrilled to teach some friends how to play the game Splendor. We were having so much fun talking that we often forget who needed to play their turn. It was a total blast. I have not laughed and had so much fun in a very long time.

I was a little bit of a loner the rest of the night. I was a bit exhausted because I had suffered with a severe migraine last week. I was not 100% myself yet. I did a lot when I set up and it really drained me.

Sadly, I came down with a stomach bug on Saturday and Sunday. That meant that I was catching up on my TBR and relaxing. I took a great of time to nap. That was so healing and helped me feel much better.

I am being a sneaky lady and taking today off... I want to have one more day to rest and catch up on personal things. Then I hit the ground running and go full force back into work!

With Love,


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