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As a child you tend to assume that your loved ones will always be there. As you age you start to discover that people sometimes come and go from your life. It is not until you suffer the grief of losing a loved one that it really starts to make you appreciate your family.

It is in your loss you come to find that the time you spend with your loved ones means the world. It is irreplaceable. I am so thankful for my memories of the loved ones that I have lost. At the same time I try to make the time to be with those still here.

This weekend I will be going to my mother's house for a week. I will be staying with her so that I can help around the house, get her some things from the store and then be her escort to her appointment this week. I will enjoy the time spent with her. I always enjoy the time with her.

Is there a special event that you love most while spending with family? As a child it was our holiday gatherings. As an adult it is about the simple moments with loved ones and the great conversations with them.

With Love,


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