Personal Life: Girl Problems #1

It has been an entire lifetime of struggle to find undergarments that fit both my personality and my body shape. It started when I was young and started to wear a training bra. The problem has followed me my entire life since.

Recently I had to accept the three bras that I had were old. I had been using them since 2014 and it was long past time to change them out. I wanted to go to a fancy store and be fitted but my social anxiety kept me from the plans.

I ordered bras from a respected retailer online. In the end I was lucky enough to have four new bras. They all fit me well. I have a favorite but I am always like that. Even if things are seemingly the same to someone else I will find something special in one of them.

I am aware that this entire post will not be something men can relate to. I apologize to my male readers for that. But, I am a woman and the topics that I share here are from my personal experience.

For the ladies... have you ever had these issues?

With Love,


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