Personal Life: Grief

There are so many ways in which human beings handle grief. I have experienced a great deal of grief in my life. It never fails to amaze me how even after a lot of time the grief will still hit me.

I have lost loved ones and beloved pets. Their losses have had a profound impact on my life and future. I take them with me in my memories and most of the time that sustains me. It also inspires me.

There are times when the grief creeps up on me and overtakes me. I was randomly looking at local adverts for animals in need of good homes. I found a kitten that looked exactly like my beloved cat and had a name similar. I broke down.


Another time I was working very hard on some dedications for my book series. And I was mentioning my grandparents. They were my second set of parents and constant supporters of me in general. The loss of them actively in my life hit me and the entire afternoon was spent crying and lost in my grief.

How do you handle grief? What is your grief experience like?

With Love,


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