Personal Life: Hydration!

The best purchase that I have made in a very long time is a new water bottle. It is large and has times listed on the side. This helps you to stay encouraged to keep drinking through your day and to stay hydrated.

It is a pretty pink color because I have also become obsessed with the color pink in recent months. In the morning I take a ton of ice and place it in the water bottle. Then I fill the bottle up with water. It is cold and refreshing!

The drinking starts from that moment on. All the way until I go to bed. I am feeling better than ever because of it. I am really loving the way the water impacts my body. I suggest this kind of water bottle to anyone who sometimes forgets to drink.

This way even when you are busy you can stay hydrated. It makes your entire being feel more balanced. It seems so simple. But, that simple change can make such a huge impact on your entire life.

Keep drinking!

With Love,


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