Personal Life: Joyful Time

The previous weekend I was able to spend time with a friend. It was fantastic! I loved the time and the ability to relax. It is amazing how just being yourself and having a good time can rejuvenate you.

We had lunch at a place brand new to the both of us. It was much more fancy than we had thought it would be. I believe it probably would be a better location to have a more formal dinner with loved ones or to celebrate an occasion. The atmosphere is romantic, relaxing and very classy.

The food is simple and more like bar food which is strange considering the overall decor and vibe of the location. The food was fantastic though. We chatted and enjoyed Mimosas. It was my first time having one. I loved it! ;)

Then we went to a Bath and Body Works outlet. It was awesome! I purchased $200 worth of merchandise for $100. It was an amazing time and I decided that I need to create an account with them. I have an obsession and it is time to get some discounts while I am at it!

I had quite the haul. And then we went to some clothing stores and my companion enjoyed herself. I loved watching her find pieces that flattered her figure and made her happy. That was worth the entire trip!

It was a beautiful time. And then after we said goodbye I started to work my way home. However, I made some more stops and picked up some fun items! It was a beautiful day and just what I needed.

My professional life is changing and evolving. I will be giving an update on that in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for all of the understanding, love and support as I move forward in my personal and professional life.

With Love,


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