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There are three Podcasts that I enjoy. All three of them are on YouTube and I usually "watch" them there and listen as I work or do household chores. The first is "Inside of You" that is by Michael Rosenbaum. I was never a Smallville fan to be fair. However, I have seen him in a lot of movies from my teen years. I admire his work and really love his Podcast. The guests are unique and interesting.

The second podcast is "The Sip" with Ryland Adams and Lizzie Gordon. It is fun and all about life and pop culture. It is something silly and relaxing to listen to in order to unwind and keep it light.

The third podcast is "The Twilight Effect" hosted by Ashley Greene and Melanie Howe. It is all about the Twilight movies, books, actors, fandom and much more. I was never a complete Twihard but I have seen the movies several times. I have read and own the books. It is interesting to learn about things related to it all.

What podcast do you enjoy? Are there several? Let me know all about it in the comments.

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