Personal Life: The Subject of Hair

I have not had my hair cut or colored in a long time. In all honesty I have never had my hair as long as it currently is. It has been a lovely experience. I have enjoyed having my "natural" hair color and just letting my hair be.

However, it is getting super long and a pain to maintain. I am used to chin or shoulder length hair. So, it going down my back and over my shoulders is new for me. It has been a lot recently.

It is coming up on the time to make a change. I called my hair salon and my favorite beautician is booked until September! So, I am booked in to see her around the middle of the month.

I will get getting a more mature and sexy cut this time. It frames my face well and makes me look really good. I am torn between staying with my natural hair color or going for a sassy red for the fall and winter. Thoughts? ;)

With Love,


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