Personal Life: Update

The reason there was not a blog last week was due to my feeling under the weather. Everyone in my household were suffering from a slight head cold. That seems so simple but when you are going through it .., well it is a bigger deal.

The part that was hardest for me was the headache that came with the cold symptoms. I am usually pretty good at adapting but headaches and migraines always take me down. I spent several days in bed and was barely able to function as a result.

The positive is that I am 100% better! I thank having plenty of fluids (orange juice, lemonade and ice water) and plenty of rest for helping me through. I also had very understanding roommates who were helpful as they felt better. We all helped one another out. This is how we run things in our household. It is really a small family.

Despite being ill last week I was productive behind the scenes. I caught up on some reading I wanted to do. I also have been working tirelessly on my business plan. I have been working on making my business plan perfect. This is very important to the success of my future.

This week is all about catching up and getting back into my routine. I am looking so forward to sharing experiences with you! It is also nice to feel like myself once again. How are all of you doing?

With Love,


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