Pine Ridge Reservation

As a teenager I found a book from my beloved Granny's spare bedroom. It was by a romance author called Janelle Taylor. The book was a historical novel about the Oglala Sioux. I had no idea that the Sioux Nation had so many different parts. I had no idea what the culture was like historically or otherwise.

The only thing that I knew was that one of their people was famous. I had heard the name Crazy Horse. I didn't even know -why- he was well known. Then this book came into my hands and I fell in love with a people so unlike me.

After I finished the series (it was a long series so it took some time) I started to go online. In those days there was not as much information online yet. I used a browser that was cool at the time called "web crawler" and found some "geocities" websites that discussed the Oglala and other branches of the Sioux Nation.

I realized that there was so much more to the story than I had read in the books or websites. I started to seek out information about present world Oglala's. I discovered that they were in South Dakota at the Pine Ridge Reservation.

It is my dream to go to the reservation and bring supplies. It is not an unselfish dream because I really want to meet the people, hear the history and learn. I want to do whatever I can as one human being to another.

It would be really lovely if you did some research on your own and consider donating to the legitimate charities that help the Oglala on the reservation.

On an unrelated note: April 1st was not an easy day for me. I will talk about it sometime in the future. I just wanted to thank those who know my story and sent me love and support on this day. <3

With Love,


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