Professional Life: Inspiration

I have been having a great of change in my professional life. I am literally going in two directions and yet it makes perfect sense for me. I will be able to explain in full soon. Until then just know that I am in the best place professionally.

I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work that is both personal and tedious. It is a lot of hard work but will be worth it later on. There was a period of time when it all felt overwhelming and I felt unsteady.

It is normal to sometimes having hiccups in confidence. Especially when trying something new. Thankfully, it was followed up with a surge of confidence and inspiration. I am back on track.

I am feeling very inspired. As I mentioned in previous blogs I was able to have a fantastic conversation about business with a friend of mine. That conversations alone helped to motivate and inspire me. However, there are other things that have also helped me in this process.

I was in need of some inspiration to carry on working on something tedious. I turned to music to help me. I was listening to classical music and felt super inspired. It made the time pass and allowed me to focus. I was more productive than I had set out to be that day.

The success of the situation inspired me to replicate it several times. I have also been inspired by watching the Chateau Diaries on YouTube. That has motived me to be more present with my work, dedicated to living my best life and to better connect with co-workers, collaborators and friends/family.

With Love,


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