Professional Life: Surprise!

I can finally talk about what I have been working on behind the scenes. (Aside from my business plans for my own LLC) I started to interview last month for positions that work well with my college degree.

I was offered two different positions after the first week of interviews. They were both amazing offers and I was so excited. The reason I could not accept the second position was due to the hours. I really loved the supervisor and everyone I spoke to during the interviewing process. I even declined in such a way that I still have some positive connections in that department.

I accepted the second offer. There were several reasons for my accepting that offer. The hours worked for my life/family/dreams. The supervisor is fantastic and welcoming. The department is a place where I have some personal experience with. I want to be patient forward and it will allow me to use my personal skills as well as professional ones.

The position that I'm starting (TODAY!!!) is a Patient Scheduling Specialist. I will be the person patients see first when they arrive at this clinic. I can check them in, check them out, schedule appointments, handle paperwork etc. I am super excited to help people!

It is a full time position, I have fantastic benefits and am able to earn money to help me further my dreams.

So, how does this impact my business plans?

This position will allow me to better my credit, help me establish stable income flow and bank records, it gives me some credibility and so on. That will allow me to have better footing when getting my business loan.

I have every intention of moving forward with my business. I will be working on that when I am not working my "day job" and on weekends. I am feeling very ambitious. Wish me luck! More to come over time.

This new position will not impact my blogs. We will still have three per week.

With Love,


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