Random: Cleaning

I worked really hard over this last week to clean my home. I cleaned out my closet, my old cosmetic dresser, the bathroom, kitchen and even the living room. I had horrible allergies due to the dust.

The sinus issues aside it was worth it. The closet is all tidy and really nice. I moved my dresser out of the bedroom and out to my work space. I am going to use it for my business once I get it up and running. I am really excited to get it all set up.

I'm going to eventually place my printer on the top. Then stock and other things can be in the dresser over time. It looks really nice.

I have a few odds and ends to finish cleaning this weekend. But, I am still really proud of what I've accomplished. It makes me feel so good to have my home in order. Do you feel better after cleaning your living and working space?

What are your plans for the weekend? No matter what you do be safe, be happy and enjoy yourself! ;)

With Love,


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