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The bookshelf in my office space is filled with books in the genre I love reading and writing! You'll see Sylvia Day, Lisa Renee Jones, E.L. James, Mia Knight and more! Do you like romance or erotic novels? If that is not the genre for you tell me what is! I would love to hear what everyone is reading.

I've come to really love books with a solid story. I love some darker and more sexual themes. At the same time I will always be a sucker for romance. But, I like a little realistic in my romances. I am mostly all for contemporary romances these days. But, there are some historical novels on my shelves further down.

It would be really nice to hear what your bookshelves look like! Do you put your books together in a specific order? For the most part I like to put my books together by series and how much I love them. As you can see there is a distinct vibe to the books I feature.

I've found it interesting that I am currently writing this while listening to "Unwound" on audible. And if you look above you'll see the paperback is on my shelf. I love have all the versions of the books I love most. Do you do that also?

The Lilah Love series is one of the -best- series by Lisa Renee Jones. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat. I have always said (since reading it) "I want to be Lilah Love when I grow up".

It may seem silly but it is true. She is so strong, smart and funny. All while being human, vulnerable and lovely. It is nice to have a woman like that as an example in the world of what you can be. For yourself.

Mia Knight has been my favorite author for several years. I love featuring all of her released books. It is my hope she will heal and be able to finish her books for release so I can add them to my collection. It is hard to wait but I know for a fact it will be well worth the wait. Do you like her writing? If so why?

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