Reader's Life: Deb Harkness

A very dear friend of mine introduced me to the 'All Souls' trilogy. That was the first time I had ever heard of Deb Harkness. I am a geek so I started to research her. I was thrilled to discover that she was a Historian, a professor and an all around intellectual. This really connected to my interests.

I felt a sort of kinship to her. I read her books with a voraciousness that I had never felt before. My mind was so alive and stimulated by her writing, her thoughts and her open way of sharing with others.

When the book 'Time's Convert' was released she did a book tour. I was lucky enough to meet her and get my book signed. I totally geeked out. She was so kind, gracious and sweet to me during our brief interaction.

I have followed her the last several years on Instagram. She has battled cancer and is now in remission! (Thank goodness!) She is a complete and total warrior in so many ways. I find myself interested in her, enlightened and inspired by her. I admire her, basically.

Recently, she took part in a very interesting and fascinating discussion on Witches, Magic and Myths. I would recommend you check it out if this is interesting to you. The video can be found on Youtube under the name "Witches: Beyond Myths and Magic".

I hope you check out her work both fiction, non-fiction and other materials.

With Love,


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