Reader's Life: Down The Rabbit Hole

The reality show "The Girls Next Door" was a personal favorite. I would sit down and watch new episodes with my mother. She was a very sex positive and open minded person. And we both quickly fell in love with two of the girls.

My personal favorite on the show was Holly. I also really loved Bridget. Even though Kendra was closer to my own age I didn't relate to her or her way of thinking at all.

It broke my heart at the time when the girls left the mansion. It felt like the end of an era and in a lot of ways it was. But, I followed Holly as she moved on to do a show in Vegas and had her own spin off show on the same network.

I was very happy for her and the life that she was building after leaving the mansion. It warmed my heart when she also did a special showcasing her first pregnancy. It was so sweet and we enjoyed it very much.

At the time she wrote her book "Down The Rabbit Hole" I purchased it. I loved it but over time I forgot some things. I have recently started to re-read the book. I'm pretty far along and loving her bravery, honesty and kindness in the book. It is really enjoyable.

If you were a fan of hers previously or curious about life in the Playboy Mansion this is the book for you. And if you enjoy the book be sure to tune into her podcast with Bridget! I am loving each episode!

With Love,


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