Reader's Life: Frustrations

Last week I was super excited to get tickets to a convention happening next summer. The problem was that their system allowed you to que far beyond the amount of tickets available. They only released less than 2k for sale. There were over ten thousand people in the que. Most of us never had a chance unless we spent more money to get re-sale tickets and stayed on a wait list.

I was so frustrated and upset with the way in which these tickets were handled I gave up. I wasted two hours of my life for nothing. In the end I have other conventions that I would rather go to. And the tickets are handled -much- better.

It is my hope that next year they will conduct their ticket sales in a better manner. This way people have a better chance of actually going. I also hope that my temper and frustrations about it all will mellow in that time.

I have a ticket to a convention in the Spring. But, I will discuss more about that around the start of the year. So, stay tuned for that!

With Love,


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