Reader's Life: Re-Read Alert!

I am the kind of reader that falls in love with a book and remains loyal to it over time. I have been reading a lot of new books lately. But, for some reason I needed to reach out to some old favorites.

I've decided to re-read Mia Knight's Once Upon a Crime Lord series again. I know I praise her writing a lot and am very dedicated to this series. The work really stands up for itself at the end of the day. It is enjoyable and has a very vivid look into the Vegas crime world and also vibrant characters to enjoy.

My favorite character of the series is Carmen. I tend to joke and say that she is the kind of person that I want to be when I grow up! ;) At the same time I also say she is my spirit animal because she is so much of who I long to become. I love her honesty, her depth, her intelligence and most of all her confidence.

Do you enjoy Mia Knight's work? If you haven't read her work yet I suggest that you do. It is amazing! If you have read her work who is your favorite character?

It is good to re-read a series that you enjoy.

With Love,


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