Reader's Life: TBR for the Week

I finished the Lilah Love Series that has been released so far. (I am so excited for the new book this week!) I have been flying through my Lisa Renee Jones series. So, I am taking a wee break and going through my audible library.

I recently found some books I had loved when I first discovered audible years ago. I am currently listening to "The Boss" by Abigail Barnette. It is a really solid story and I have been enjoying the process of reading it again. In my middle to late twenties I was -very- into office romance. This one also has an age gap element to it. Which was also up my ally at that time.

Then of course this week I will be reading the latest Lilah Love book on day one! ;) And my hope is to re-read the Sylvia Day CrossFire series. It will be a great reading week. Although, I will have less time to read this week because of two key factors.

I have a new addiction to Pokémon Go and I am also going on vacation on Friday. I will be away until the following Saturday. I will be in two states during that time. And will be seeing a lot of family and taking care of some obligations. So, yeah... that will complicate the process. But, I always find time to read. ;)

What is in your TBR?

With Love,


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