Readers Life: Lilah Love Series

I have been re-reading (also listening to on audible) the Lilah Love series by Lisa Renee Jones. This is my all time favorite series by Lisa Renee Jones. Why? Lilah is the kind of super hero and all very human.

I've always loved FBI thriller books. The first book series like that I fell in love with was the series by Catherine Coulter. They are complex, help you think and are exciting. But, the difference for me with those books and the Lilah Love series is the fact that Lilah is more R rated than PG-13 like them.

Lilah Love is a bad ass, she is smart, clever, witty and like a cussing Daria in some ways. She is amazing! I wish I could be more like her. I think most women who have read the series feels the same way. Her strength and intelligence are legendary.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

I am so excited that the next book is being released next week! Yes, I have pre-ordered it.

With Love,


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