Readers Life: New Author Discovery!

I have discovered a new author this weekend! I was on TikTok and came across another post for a book in my genre. This one stood out to me and I admit that I added it to my TBR. But, I have poor impulse control and decided to make the purchase.

I had never heard of K.E. Osborn previously and so this would be my first book by her. I went into the experience feeling like I would find the book to be "okay" but not overly enjoy it. Then I decided to clear my mind and enjoy the book for what it was. No matter what it would turn out to be.

In the end I really loved the story. There was some steam to the story but it was more about the world and the characters. I really enjoyed reading the story.

It was unexpected to find myself enjoying the book as much as I did. I ended up leaving a positive and honest review on GoodReads and also on Amazon. I was shocked when K.E. Osborn liked my GoodReads post.

I would check out her if you haven't already! Her Motorcycle Club series are really fun to read. The characters are vibrant and the world she creates is fun and suspenseful.

Until Next Time...

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