Readers Life: TBR Goals

I have a very long digital and paperback TBR. There was a time that I was part of a Facebook Group that shared "Freebie Friday" offerings each week. This meant that I had a lot of books coming in each week. Keeping up with reading those has been a challenge.

At the same time my bookshelf has been expanding over time. This has meant that my TBR for paperbacks has been expanding as well. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the books I want to read. Normally, I find little pockets of time to read a little of each book I have chosen for that week.

The last few weeks I have had a really hard time keeping up with my reading goals. I have had a lot on my plate and juggling it all has been a challenge. The one area that was impacted the most was my reading time. I am slowly working on getting back into a more normal rhythm.

I have decided that I am giving myself a week to complete the current book that I am working on reading. I am also giving myself a week to complete the book I am reading on my Kindle app for my phone. I am not going to be negative to myself if I fail to meet this deadline. I am using it as a guide to move forward and make my reading (something I enjoy and relaxes me) a priority. I believe that self-care is important and this is part of that process for me.

What is your TBR like? Do you relate to any of these concepts? Let me know in the comments down below!

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