Readers Life: Voice Actors

As I work on my business plan I like to have something in the background. I have been listening to books by Lisa Renee Jones a lot. They helped me relax and get into my zone. I love her stories and this allows me to be "reading" while working!

I have currently discovered that there are a couple of voice actors that she used for her books that I adore. I have become familiar with their voices and feel like they really bring the characters to life. So, when I started listening to a new series and someone new was there I was excited. I wanted that voice actor to make me just as excited.

That did not happen. It was so bad that I couldn't get into the books at all. I think I will need to buy the paperbacks to get through that series. It is a total bummer. I have since moved on to another series and am enjoying it very much!

If you are someone who listening to audible have you ever run into this problem with your favorite author's books there? If so how did you cope? If not tell me all about your positive experiences. I would love to hear from you!

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