Romantic Love

As a child I used to watch Soap Operas, Lifetime Movies and romantic movies with my Granny and my mother. I also read books that were about life and love. This set the foundation for a love of creating and dreaming.

It is not very shocking that as an adult I am now writing love stories as my passion and my dream. It is not shocking that I am working very hard to make it my career. I've also been known to follow my heart with mixed results in my personal life as well. I am a romantic and instead of feel strange about it... I embrace it!

I have completed a book series that is in the romance genre. Yes, I am in love with love even in my work. It is really fun to live vicariously through my characters. That is not to say that I do not have romantic love in my life. However, I keep that pretty private!

It is hard sometimes to be sure to have balance in your romantic life. The thing that has shocked me the most about being a romance author is that even my characters can struggle with this! What?! Even fantasy can be relatable in this area.

I love a great love story. But, I need conflict and struggle to keep the romantic balance in the life of my character's. That is as a reader and an author. I find that a story is just not as fun if there is nothing to relate to.

In honor of Valentine's Day this year I wanted to write a little about love. Love in books and in life. I hope that you are sharing your special Valentine's Day with someone you love. It does not need to be a romantic love. It could be self-love, galentine love or family love.

At the end of the day my heart is bursting with romantic love in my private life and with friendship love! I love my family and all of my friends. I also love all of the people who read my blog. <3

With Love,


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