Social Media And Me?

Social Media is something that developed during my lifetime. I am old enough to remember life without it. I am also able to remember the ride of social media. I have had countless accounts on all of the different forms of social media over the years.

At this moment in time I have this blog, an email account, an Instagram account, a twitter account and a Facebook account. And yet on any given day I am asked about snap chat, kik and a variety of other options.

I'm not interested in more social media accounts. I am happy with the accounts that I already have. Each account that I currently have associated with me has a different meaning and connects me to a different group of people.

My blog is open to anyone in my life and exposes me to new people as well. It is the most open account that I have to my name. My email is not a secret but few people use it. It is more for me to reach those closest to me, keep track of accounts and run my life. It is where I keep myself together. (Online anyway.)

The Instagram account that I have is a place to follow celebrities, friends and share things that mean a lot to me in real time. I use it frequently. I have a twitter account that I use to share with my online family and friends. It is a way to stay connected. It is a way to support their Twitch pages without being super into the website.

Lastly, my Facebook is for family and close friends. It is a way to stay connected to the oldest and more fragile part of my past. This connection means a lot to me and I am so thankful to it. Although, I rarely post for myself there. I leave comments for others there mostly or discuss things personally in private messages.

Social Media used to be something I used in desperation. I'd wanted to be more popular and use it as a tool to make my Twitch account more popular. I wanted to share my accomplishments with people I used to know from school. It was a way to try to get validation and respect from peers.

Social Media means something else entirely to me at this stage in my life. I use social media to share myself in a controlled way. I also know that in the future it will be a tool to help others discover my writing. ;)

There will always be good and bad sides to Social Media. It can be used for good and bad reasons. I've found that the best you can do is be as real as you can online. Be as private as you feel comfortable. And try not to help the negativity from other people bring you down.

Sometimes it is really hard to find a balance online. But, it is a beautiful thing when you are able to pull it off. I am not entirely there yet. Thankfully I am getting there.

With Love,


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