Who is that girl?!

Good Evening! My name is CC and it is a distinct pleasure to meet you. I've decided to start a blog to share my journey as a writer and as a human being. I can't promise that this blog will be the most amazing thing that you read. But, I can promise that it will be 100% honest and from me always.

I've spent the past year of my life writing a book series. I am proud of the work that I have done and the progress made. There are four books in the series. I have spent the last two months working on the first book. There has been a major edit process and then I wrote my first sample query letter!

After that process was complete I started to write individual query letters and started to send them out. This entire process is insane! There is so much to do and learn in a short period. I did my best to be myself and follow the "rules" in the process.

I've been met with a total of three rejections out of the twenty that I sent out. The rest I have heard not a word. The rejections started out being short, sweet and super kind. They lacked a real reason or a suggestion to improve. The third was short and very curt. Again, there was no suggestion on what I did that made my pitch uninteresting or not worthy of their time.

The entire process is frustrating and it is so easy to become discouraged. I am giving myself time to allow for my query to be read by several agents and for them to get back to me. I have some back up agents that I will send to as they become available again. (As it is the start of the year some have not opened up queries yet.) And if all else fails toward the second half/end of the year I will go to my backup plan.

The backup plan is to find a way to self-publish. I may need to get a "proper" job in the meantime. This way I could afford to self-publish the book series that I have written. I have been trying for a traditional publishing path due to the lack of start up costs and assistance with the business side of the process.

Only time will tell how it all ends. In the end I believe in my work and will push to be published and share my writing with the world. I hope you continue to come on this journey with me!

With Love,


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