Women I Admire: Erin Rabbit

This is the adult version of the teenage girl that I met in 1999. We were both freshman at a private school in New York State. She was always kind to me. I has been having an especially hard day and it was time to pack my bag for home. I was standing at my locker when Erin came up to me.

I knew she was a popular girl and although she had always looked me in the eye and smiled... I was afraid. I thought she could be like the others and make fun of me or something unkind. Instead, she smiled and told me that she knew I liked the Backstreet Boys. She handed me a clipping of them from an old magazine she had found in art class.

I was blown away that someone with her stature in our high school would be so kind. That kindness never wavered my entire time at that school. Ever since that period in my life we have been connected on Facebook.

Erin has gone on to become a dedicated and fantastic officer of the law. She has become a magical mother to her little girl. I have watched Erin become a fantastic wife and person in her community.

All through the years Erin has been there to wish me a happy birthday each year, to congratulate me on very victory and to give sympathy for the more difficult moments. I have never met a more caring and special person.

Ever since I was sixteen years old I have admired Erin Rabbit. If I am having a hard time or come across someone having a hard time I take a moment and think back on my time knowing Erin. It inspires me to be better.

It is so easy to say that you admire someone. It is easy to say that they have influenced your life. I can say with complete honesty that those things are true in this case.

Erin is currently fighting cancer. The moment that I heard was from an Instagram post from her. What did she do? She spoke of her commitment to beating her cancer, she provided information for others to understand the warning signs and encouraged women to lift each other up during these difficult times and always.

This woman is an amazing person and someone to admire. I really believe that Erin can do anything she sets her mind to. I believe with all of my heart that she will beat her cancer. <3

With Love,


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