Women I Admire: Holly Madison

Nearly a two decades ago I sat in my childhood living room and watched a new show on the E! network. It was called "The Girls Next Door" and was a show about the Playboy Mansion and Hef's girlfriends. It was the first time I ever saw a relationship with more than one person in that way.

It quickly became one of my favorite shows. I really loved the girls and their different personalities. I found myself being most like Bridget but wanting to be more like Holly. In all honesty I had a hard time relating to Kendra or Hef.

Holly Madison was soon my favorite of those featured on the show. I loved the way she was open to new things and was so strong. It shocked me when the show was over, when Holly left the mansion. It was hard for me to imagine her differently from the way that I had always known her.

Then she had her own spinoff. I really loved seeing her with new friends, a new city and spreading her wings. I loved meeting who I believed to be more of the "real" Holly. I watched her special on having a baby as well. I was so happy for her finding her happiness.

Over the years I have really loved reading her books and supporting her in any way that I could. I've become a huge fan of her YouTube channel. My favorite videos are the ones when she discussed how things really were during the Girls Next Door.

There are a lot of people who are celebrities. But, no matter what Holly always seems to stay down to earth and normal. What do you think of her?

With Love,


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